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hello, my name is Jean-Paul Jandrain aKa Amigos3D and why Amigos3D ?

I chose this nickname at the time of the Amiga from Commodore and it is in memory of that time that I chose Amigos and added 3D behind for many years I fell in computer graphics and especially in 3d.

In the first time the company Outinord asked me to create their first CD Rom presentation of their materials and collaborated on the creation of their first website. This is the company Who Works Sports guides who recruited me in me later to realize the covers of their guides and agendas and at the same time I participated in the layout of their guides on motorsport (F1, NASCAR, RALLYE, MOTO GP, etc.). I also took care of photo editing and the realization of advertising media for major brands. Finally I developed the 3D models of the future guides.

In freelance I also created several websites, logos and graphic charters of associations, craftsmen or companies in fields as varied as dance, regional crafts, painters and sculptors, or a garage automobile. Afterwards for more than 10 years I was in charge of the image of the company Deprecq. After having created the 3d logo of the company, I realized the shots of the pieces produced in the workshop. I also had the mission to make booklet, flyers and promotional videos in collaboration with the sales department. I was in charge of the position of team leader and manager of the mechanical sector. Today I always create for pleasure and I do not count stopped and if you look for someone motivated of passionate, enthusiastic and creative you are on the right site and do not hesitate to contact me by the contact page or mail.

Now let's talk about this site and what I can do.

I realized it all with Adobe Dreamweaver (PHP/CSS/JS) so that you can finally discover my passions and my knowledge. Do not hesitate to visit the whole site this one brings together some of my achievements. I also know how to integrate on CMS Joomla and CMS Wordpress.I can realize logo and 2d and 3d graphic representation of the creation or the redesign until the vectorization. Print side, graphic design and preparation of files for printing. I also shoot digital or video and post-processing.
I use the following software:

I also use other software to reach the required result or to stay in touch with the technology.
You will find over the course of this site what I realize with my keyboard and my mouse for almost 20 years because 'I fell into the computer graphics as amateur as others fell into the pot of small magic potion, but me less small.'

Thank you for taking the time to read the few words that allowed you to know more about me.

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