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Thank you for taking the time to read the few lines on the site's privacy policy.

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Online privacy policy.
1.collection of data.
I do not collect any information when you visit the site, I do not know your name, your e-mail address, phone number. In addition, we do not receive or store any information from your computer and browser, including your IP address, software and hardware, and the page you request.

I am the sole owner of the information contained on this site. No personal information will be given, sold, exchanged, transferred, to another company for any reason that is, without your consent and this during a possible exchange by email or the contact page.

I can not be held responsible for any information that may be collected by my host.

In short my privacy policy is as follows, you are on this site to discover my achievements, my favorites, my delusions and in any case I would not trade your information.
Good visit.


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